Webinar Recordings


15 November

Barriers to employment in the library sector

What barriers to employment in the library sector might there be for people with disability? In this webinar hosted by ALIA Disability you will hear the lived experiences and challenges that have been faced when applying for jobs and how mandatory employment requirements might be barriers to employment. We will also be sharing an exciting new project from ALIA’s New Generation Advisory Committee that is examining barriers to employment in the library sector.


Check out the survey by the ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee: Mandatory Employment Requirements in the Library and Information Sector: How Have They Impacted You?

27 September

The Hidden Disability Sunflower program

Australian Libraries are encouraged to join the Hidden Disability Sunflower program. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a way to support people living with non-visible disabilities by raising awareness and sharing stories to help create a more inclusive, understanding society.


17 May

Neurodivergent learners

The friendly team from Aspect Autism Australia deliver this highly informative webinar on how libraries can better support neurodivergent learners.

14 March

What is disability?

Ayla Regione, Project Officer for disability advocacy organisation, Purple Orange, shares her disability story in the hope that people can thrive, in every way possible, when it comes to their chosen education and career, goals and adventures in life. Ayla is also joined by Dr Jo Kaeding, lecturer from University of South Australia. Jo’s research focus is inclusive public libraries for children with disability and their families and in this session she hones in specifically on print disability.


16 November

Disability and inclusion professionals

Learning from disability and inclusion officers within libraries and supporting staff living with disability.

18 August

Website accessibility

Michelle Ou from the Centre for Inclusive Design and Rosie Luscombe from the Digital Access Team at Vision Australia provide an excellent tips and resources for improving accessibility and inclusion.


11 May

Training for library staff

What do library staff need to know in order to better meet the needs of people with disability, including those with invisible disability? What training is available for library staff?

16 February

Programs and services

Creating programs and services that are better suited to the needs of library users living with disability creates positive impact for us all. This session is a sharing of ideas, showcasing how libraries have made their programs and services more accessible.



29 November

Inclusive storytimes in the online environment

ALIA hosted a webinar for the ALIA Disability Group and Online Storytime community, bringing together an expert panel to talk about creating inclusive storytimes in the online environment.

2 September

Launch of the Australian Government National Disability Gateway

Helen Green, Director Information and Inclusion for the Australian Government Department of Social Services, hosted a webinar about the National Disability Gateway.

11 August

Assistive technologies for libraries

Sam Kingsley, from The Brainary introduced us to three assistive technologies for libraries – the TAPit Touch Accessible Platform Interactive Technology supporting people with a disability to access a computer and communicate; UbiDuo communication for people with deafness and significant hearing loss, and Skoog Music Assistive Music Technology providing people with disabilities access to music and music creation.

29 June

Insights into the work of the Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative (AIPI)

Sarah Runcie, CEO of the Brisbane Writers Festival, shared her insights into the work of the Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative (AIPI), which she spearheaded in her previous role with the Australian Publishers Association.

30 April

How public libraries support people living with disabilities

Presentations by Frances Riggs, Latrobe Community Health Service; Dr Jo Kaeding, Adelaide Hills public libraries; Lisa Bateman and Kerry Griffith, Moreton Bay public libraries, describing how public libraries support people living with disabilities.