Case Studies

Inclusive Practices in Public Libraries: An Australian Perspective [PDF]

Kylie Carlson (2019)

The purpose of this discussion paper is to raise awareness about children with disabilities such as Autism, ADHD and outline some initiatives public libraries in Victoria, Australia have implemented. It will share some simple and proven strategies for librarians and library staff to think about how they can adapt their existing programming to be more inclusive, and detail the simple tools and equipment libraries can provide to create a more inclusive experience for children with disabilities and their families.


Programs and services [Video]

ALIA Disability (2022)

Creating programs and services that are better suited to the needs of library users living with disability creates positive impact for us all. This session is a sharing of ideas, showcasing how libraries have made their programs and services more accessible.

Inclusive storytimes in the online environment [Video]

ALIA Disability (2021)

ALIA hosted a webinar for the ALIA Disability Group and Online Storytime community, bringing together an expert panel to talk about creating inclusive storytimes in the online environment.